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Safeport opens first Executive Lounge in Faro

02 February 2018

Safeport has inaugurated the first Executive Lounge at Faro airport. The lounge has promptly became a reference in this aviation segment in Portugal.

The company identified an excellent location at Faro airport and created a space that completely translates company values thereby welcoming all business jet customers with the highest level of luxury and comfort.

The lounge has allocated areas for passengers and crew, as well as an operations room, a galley that provides needed support to operations, and fully equipped lavatories with essential amenities where customers can enjoy the luxury of a refreshing shower before or after a flight.

Available are also various leisure items and Wifi service to fulfill the different needs of clients, regardless of whether they are related to relaxation or work. Services include being able to schedule meetings and conference calls, and guaranteeing passengers have a space in which to attend them.

Faro Lounge is the first space conceived and created for this aviation segment at that airport and it levels the best lounges existent all over Europe.

This project was conceived by Architect Alvaro Silva and Interior Designer Sandra Castro, who in cooperation with the group’s architecture and marketing departments, created a distinctive space that aims to be replicated at other Safeport locations. For the time being, there are already projects being developed starting with Safeport installations at Lisbon airport, as well as in Ilha do Sal in Cape Verde, where interior and exterior renovations are taking place. The goal is to upgrade and unify the image of the company, as well as the service delivered, truly fulfilling the highest standards and excellency demanded by this aviation segment.

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