Products & Services

Besides all the usual handling services, we also come as a partner capable to satisfy any needs of the passengers, crew or aircraft, that may contribute to make the journey as pleasant and smooth as possible.

Safeport Executive services includes:

  • Domestic & International handling
  • Fast turnaround, technical or fuel stops
  • Weather & NOTAM
  • Passenger and crew assistance
  • Air Ambulance assistance
  • Lounge and meeting room
    (with telephone and internet services)
  • Security services
  • Liaison with airport authorities (Customs & immigration)
  • Arrival and departure baggage services
  • Aircraft Cleaning
  • Aircraft Maintenance trough sister company
    MESA - Maintenance & Engineering
  • Catering arrangements
  • Hotel & restaurant reservation
  • Sedan, van & car rental
  • Crew transportation to and from Hotel
  • Daily Newspapers
  • Flowers

Other Safeport Services:

Welcome Flyer
Welcome service of Passengers in the Airport of Lisbon