Welcome Flyer

Welcome Flyer
Welcome service of Passengers in the Airport of Lisbon

The perfect solution to welcome your guest
Safeport Executive “Welcome Flyer” is an innovative service and one of its kind in Portugal, developed specially for companies, wishing to offer a great welcome to their executives, clients or business partners arriving in Lisbon airport by scheduled flights.

How does it work?
Safeport ensures all the required assistance with airport formalities, collection of baggage and transport to the company or hotel. At the end of the visit and return to the airport, Safeport organizes the transport, the check-in and reservation of a lounge where the passenger may rest comfortably while waiting for its flight. An on time, comfortable and exclusive service that only Safeport Executive can offer.



Passenger's reception (2 bags) € 70
Additional passenger's reception € 30
Porter (for 3 ou more bags) € 30
Lisbon (up to 3 passengers) € 50
Estoril/Cascais/Sintra (up to 3 passengers) € 75
Setúbal/Palmela/Sesimbra (up to 3 passengers) € 95


From Lisbon to Airport (up to 3 passengers) € 50
From Estoril/Cascais/Sintra to Airport (up to 3 passengers) € 75
From Setubal/Palmela/Sesimbra to Airport (up to 3 passengers) € 95
Passenger's reception + Check-in + Lounge (per passenger) € 80

In addition you can also surprise your guest with a welcome Gift

Welcome Gifts

Newspaper bag (national or international). Total cost plus € 6
Boxed Chocolates (250 gr) € 10
Late bottled Porto Wine (75 cl) € 50
White Roses (14 un) € 50
Tulips bouquet € 50
Premium Red Roses (12un): € 55
Hydrangeas and Veronica´s Bouquet € 70
White Orchid € 85

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