Safeport Faro is now welcoming all business aviation customers with the highest level of luxury and comfort.

Safeport Faro project was conceived by Architect Alvaro Silva and Interior Designer Sandra Castro, who in cooperation with the group’s architecture and marketing departments, created a distinctive space that aims to be replicated at other Safeport locations. For the time being, there are already projects being developed starting with Safeport facilities at Lisbon Airport, as well as in Sal, Cape Verde, where interior and exterior renovations are taking place. The goal is to upgrade and unify the image of the company, as well as the service delivered, truly fulfilling the highest standards and excellency demanded by this aviation segment.

The idea was to create a space different from other airport lounges, and to turn away from the usual corporate feel. Safeport wants to have its own identity, as we can see in the decorative pieces chosen, that speak a very unique language to the clients.

“We strongly believed that the space should feel like a home, much more than an extension of an office”, said Safeport President Paulo Mirpuri.

In line with Safeport’s commitment to sustainability, local Faro and natural materials were preferred. Shale was used for some of the doors, tables floors, while wood and iron also feature in the design. The colour scheme also remains neutral with tones of beach sand prevailing.

It was important to respect regional materials and also the environment, showing off the best of the region, with pieces from local artists and pieces that come directly from the nature of Portugal.

Also, the walls are adorned with images of the Algarve. These were taken by João Pedro Costa, a photographer from Sagres, who specialises in natural images of the coast, sea, and trees of the area.

Safeport also wanted to reflect Faro’s vacation feel, using natural materials coupled with the lounge’s relaxed feel, aided by the darker tones from the wood and iron.

“We did not want a conventional lounge, and I believe we achieved our aim, which was to have a completely functional space, but that comes with great comfort and a unique aesthetic that makes it different to everything that has come before in this industry”, says Paulo Mirpuri.

“I love it, it’s casual, it’s chic and you feel you can breathe in serenity and comfort.