The Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team, a high-profile competition sailing team supported by Safeport, has won the inaugural edition of The Ocean Race Europe, claiming victory in the final coastal race of the event in Genoa, Italy.

Tipped early on to be the team to beat, Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team showed impressive performance right from the start. The team led for much of Leg One from Lorient, France, to their home port, Cascais, Portugal, before losing out in the closing stages, hitting a slow-moving front of light wind. This was the only race of the event that the Portuguese outfit would not win.

Taking their first win of the campaign in the Cascais coastal race as part of the Mirpuri Foundation Sailing Trophy, the team kicked off an impressive recovery that saw the crew pick up maximum points in every race since, with back-to-back wins. The team ultimately finished on 21 points, four points clear of Sailing Poland and AkzoNobel, tied in second place.

Yoann Richomme, Skipper of the Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team, said: “Job done, mission accomplished! That was a tense race. We got a good start, all the boats around us were over the line early, so we were leading right from the beginning. I think we love to make things a little hard for ourselves. We lost the kite when we started to hoist, and I thought we would be passed by some boats, but we managed to get it back up in the air and win the race. This is a beautiful project. I absolutely loved it. I love the crew. I’m very proud of everything we have done together, and I’m happy for the Mirpuri Foundation.”

Paulo Mirpuri, President and CEO of Safeport and Founder of the Mirpuri Foundation, said: “This is a very proud day for us all. From the very beginning of this project, the dedication and passion of every member has been very special to witness. As a foundation, we set out to build a team that is capable of winning this race, but it is the individual skill, instinct and endurance that has led to winning in this impressive manner. Above all, a win for the Racing For The Planet crew further amplifies the reach of our message – Stop Climate Change – around the world, and that is something to celebrate.”

Safeport is committed to contributing to a more responsible and sustainable planet by fighting against the very important issues that are plastic pollution and carbon emissions and is actively implementing and promoting good practices in its business.

Safeport looks forward then to minimising its environmental impact as well as actively contributing to a better world by extensively supporting the Mirpuri Foundation’s six key areas of intervention: Aerospace, Medical Research, Marine Conservation, Wildlife Conservation, the Performing Arts, and Social Responsibility.

The Mirpuri Foundation’s winner boat of the inaugural edition of the Ocean Race Europe, named ‘Racing for the Planet’, is a VO65 class monohull racing yacht. It is numbered VO65-1, being the first built of eight vessels in all, and has a great pedigree, the same yacht winning the 2017–2018 edition of the Ocean Race, since which it has been completely refitted, becoming an even better boat.

The inaugural edition of The Ocean Race Europe started on May 29, 2021, from Lorient, France and finished in Genova, Italy, on June 19, with stops in Cascais, Portugal, and Alicante, Spain, along the way.

Since 1973, The Ocean Race has provided the ultimate test of a team and a human adventure like no other. Over four decades, it has kept an almost mythical hold over some of the greatest sailors and has been the proving ground for the legends of our sport.

The Ocean Race is often described as the longest and toughest professional sporting event in the world, sailing’s toughest team challenge and one of the sport’s Big Three events, alongside the Olympic Games and America’s Cup. The Ocean Race is an obsession, and many of the world’s best sailors have dedicated years, even decades, of their lives trying to win it.


The partnership between Safeport and the Mirpuri Foundation

The Mirpuri Foundation is Safeport’s principal sustainability partner. It is a non-profit organisation established by Safeport’s President, Paulo Mirpuri, whose efforts are single-mindedly directed towards making the world a better place for future generations. To this end, the Foundation promotes collaboration between global authorities, companies, communities and individuals, with the object of impacting positively on issues that threaten our planet.

Safeport, working with the Mirpuri Foundation, believes that:

– What is good for the world is also good for business;

– To sustain our success, we must protect our greatest resource – the planet;

– Our success as a company depends on our people feeling inspired by their jobs and fulfilled in their careers.